Fitness for Duty and Practice Assessment

High stakes multidisciplinary evaluations

These high stakes multidisciplinary evaluations include psychological, neuropsychological, psychiatric, and occupational medicine assessments. Fitness for Duty evaluations are called for in the context of challenging work readiness scenarios where risk to safety of self or others may be involved. They are specialized evaluations of professionals in safety sensitive occupations, such as physicians or airline pilots, to determine their cognitive, emotional, and behavioural ability to carry out the duties of their profession.

The CORTEX Centre’s advanced Fitness for Duty evaluation methodology assesses a range of cognitive, emotional, and behavioural difficulties that can adversely affect pertinent work functions. This is particularly helpful when assessing individuals such as physicians and surgeons, other healthcare professionals, or aviation personnel who are in decision-making positions that affect the health, safety, and lives of others.

The CORTEX Centre provides multidisciplinary Fitness for Duty evaluations; in addition to clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists, our experts also include highly qualified medical, occupational therapy, and vocational rehabilitation consultants. Our Fitness for Duty assessments are designed to meet both the highest professional standards in the field, as well as respective regulatory and legal requirements. In some cases, where mental ability to perform professional duties safely is a concern, the CORTEX Centre can provide cognitive screening evaluations pertinent to a given occupation.

The unique features of the CORTEX Centre’s Fitness for Duty Evaluations include:​

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