Career and Leadership Assessment

Identifying abilities, aptitudes and characteristics for career success or failure.

High achievers, or individuals who show talent and giftedness, include executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, academics, professionals, artists, athletes, and students. They often require an advanced assessment approach to determining their psychological, neuropsychological, and vocational strengths and weaknesses to promote personal and career growth to overcome unique challenges. CORTEX Centre assessments identify the abilities, aptitudes, personality characteristics, and motivations pertinent to success or failure for each individual.

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High achievers often have high expectations of themselves, and it can be frustrating when these standards are not met. As various challenges and complications can get in the way of success, we can help achievers and talented individuals advance and grow in their careers and personal life.

Are you unsure whether you are on the best career track to maximize and achieve your potential? Would you like to explore how to best advance your personal growth to attain peak performance in a career you are passionate about?

The CORTEX Centre offers custom-designed assessments that can help you grow and advance in your career. You can achieve the best career and life outcomes by understanding your own personal strengths and challenges. Our sophisticated testing approach harnesses the results of psychological and neuropsychological instruments to develop an optimal personal and career plan that will capitalize on your personal strengths, resources and opportunities.

By becoming equipped with a toolbox of important personal information and expert guidance, you can overcome challenges to become better at what you do and improve who you are. Your personal life and career satisfaction, as well as productivity and financial outcomes, can be significantly enhanced by our custom-designed assessments.

High achievers often work in very demanding and competitive domains and may believe it is necessary to conceal or minimize their struggles so that they do not fall behind in their work and career. However, even slight personal, life, or health difficulties can have a significant impact on their professional, career, or business losses.

The CORTEX Centre is dedicated to assisting achievers and business executives who have had their lives and careers disrupted, slowed or otherwise challenged due to unexpected events such as injury, trauma, accident, major life stressors or serious illness. Our advanced assessments take into account specific career and job demands and circumstances as well as personal strengths and difficulties.

A specialized psychological and neuropsychological assessment provides a diagnosis and recommendations for how an achiever disrupted by accident, injury, trauma, illness, or other adverse circumstances may be able to move forward again with their lives and careers.

More information concerning CORTEX Centre’s specialized independent assessments of high achievers in a medicolegal context can be accessed here.

In the competitive world of business, being a successful leader and executive depends on maximizing your personal, interpersonal, and business strengths while minimizing your potential vulnerabilities. The CORTEX Centre’s psychological testing identifies aptitudes, personality, leadership characteristics, motivations, and competencies necessary to help leaders and executives develop and advance.

Do you ever feel like you need more hours in a day to accomplish all the things you want to do? Have you ever wondered how to maximize your leadership, executive, and entrepreneurial performances and results to optimize your competitive edge in a fast-paced business environment?

Specialized for the individual, the CORTEX Centre uses science-based psychological assessments of personal characteristics, abilities, aptitudes, and motivations that reveal much more than any self-help book, online advice, or workshop. Our approach is based on the latest psychology research on the characteristics of business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs that predict success, and which strategies enhance professional growth.

Knowing your particular strengths, and how to effectively utilize and advance them to achieve optimal business outcomes, increases your competitive edge, leadership ability, and business results. Translating the knowledge you gain from our assessment into effective business leadership through consultation, guidance, and coaching will make you the best leader, executive, and entrepreneur you can be.

High achievers and gifted individuals often face educational and career questions on how to best capitalize on their cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioural strengths while matching their interests and goals. Our psychological assessments focus on identifying these strengths and weaknesses to provide the basis for development of an optimal educational and career plan.

Have you ever wondered how you could maximize future career success by selecting the best educational path? Have you felt as if you or a family member may have impediments that could get in the way of achieving maximum potential, especially in a competitive educational environment?

The CORTEX Centre provides specialized psychological and neuropsychological assessments to help advance academic performance and gain a competitive edge at school and in future careers. By objectively identifying areas of strengths and concern, individuals can effectively pursue educational, career, and personal decisions that will maximize potential for outstanding performance.

We also provide psychoeducational assessments for those who show special abilities, high intelligence, giftedness, potential for outstanding academic performance and achievements, or face unique challenges at various levels of the educational system. We can help determine your current psychological, cognitive, and educational functioning as well as directions for optimization.

Some advanced learners and gifted individuals may have unique learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, emotional adjustment concerns (such as anxiety or excessive perfectionism) and other barriers to achievement. If you find it difficult to complete tests in the allotted time, pay attention and focus during exams, or experience high anxiety increasing under time pressure, you may need and qualify for special test accommodations (e.g., during the SAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and GMAT).

Both full diagnostic assessments (with determination of academic accommodations) and screening assessments are available.

Employers looking for achievers often need an assessment of a candidate’s aptitudes, abilities, and personal characteristics not only to simply match the job requirements, but also to maximize human capital in hiring and promotion. Our psychological testing helps identify the best talent for hiring and promoting your company.

Are you looking for innovative, talented leaders and employees who will give your company an edge over your competitors? Are you having difficulties finding responsible and committed executives, managers, engineers, and other professionals who are ready to help lead your company into a successful future? The CORTEX Centre can help you find, promote, and retain achievers.

Your company’s performance and bottom line depends on finding the best people for the job. The CORTEX Centre provides psychological testing of job applicants and employees for both hiring and career promotion purposes. We tailor each assessment and testing selection to fit the job demands and candidate characteristics you are looking for.

By selecting the best performers and achievers from the candidate pool, you can enhance your company’s competitive edge, maximizing your productivity and innovation while minimizing employee turnover and profit loss.

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