About Us

The CORTEX Centre for Advanced Assessment aims to advance scientifically-supported psychological, neuropsychological, and multidisciplinary assessment practices. We provide specialized, cutting-edge, expert assessments and consulting for medicolegal, fitness for duty, executive leadership, return to work, employment, educational, personal, and career growth purposes.

We at the CORTEX Centre understand that high stakes assessments affect important life, legal, dispute resolution, employment, career, and financial outcomes for all involved parties. Our assessments are customized to the individual client by our highly qualified experts using advanced science-based state-of-the-art methods. Our focus is on complex clinical and work scenarios, fitness for duty for professionals in safety sensitive occupations, specialized employment and pre-employment assessments, and the career growth and employment of high achievers.

UBC Affiliation

The CORTEX Centre Advantage

Advanced Expertise

The CORTEX Centre can answer your referral questions through high stakes assessments and specialized projects that are designed and conducted by our highly qualified team of experts, many of whom are affiliated with top Canadian and US universities and recognized in the field.

Complex Case Scenarios

We specialize in challenging, complex clinical and work case scenarios. Based on the best scientific and clinical evidence, our experts disentangle complex scenarios and advance effective solutions to the referral issues.

Focus on High Achievers

Our assessments focus on identifying unique individual strengths and challenges, including aptitudes, personality characteristics, and motivation, to help high achievers, business executives, accomplished professionals, and other talented individuals (as well as referring parties) take effective action leading to best medicolegal, career growth, and employment outcomes.

Team Capacity

As a team of experts in the field, we focus on the interface of psychology, neuropsychology, medicine, rehabilitation, and law.  We have the unique capacity and resources to deliver cutting edge, team-based and multidisciplinary solutions to referral challenges and to execute clinical, research, policy, and educational projects that translate knowledge into practice.

Quality Assurance

The CORTEX Centre ensures that our assessments and projects meet the highest professional and scientific standards. Our medicolegal opinions are admissible in courts in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.


How Can We Help?

As expert clinicians, researchers and policy analysts, we provide scientifically informed consultations, policy, practice and program advice, and cross-discipline cutting edge research to professionals and organizations. We bring together psychology, neuropsychology, occupational health, medicine, rehabilitation, and law to develop solutions to challenging clinical, vocational and medicolegal questions.

To find out more about what the CORTEX Centre can do for you, click below to view a brochure. We provide comprehensive expert services for:

Employers and Human Resources
Professional Regulatory, Licensing and Governmental Bodies
Business Executives and Entrepreneurs
Corporate Health
Physicians and Healthcare Professionals
Case and Disability Management and Return to Work Coordinators
Individuals and Families


Remote Assessments, Consultations and Therapy

At CORTEX Centre, we can use technology to make things easier for our clients by providing virtual psychological, neuropsychological, psychiatric, vocational, occupational therapy and other assessments and consultations. These remote services save time and money by reducing the need for travel and ensure safety in times of COVID-19.

Regardless of where the client is physically located, each client can connect via a secure and confidential system, that is simple to use, and our virtual technician is available to assist.

Please inquire at info@cortexcentre.com or 604-221-4199.

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Further Reading

For books, research and publications related to the field of psychological and neuropsychological assessments, please review the CORTEX Centre Experts’ biographies here.