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Glossary of Terms:

Accommodations (Test Accommodations, Academic and Work Accommodations):
changes made in the test format or administration, schooling, or job environment to ensure fairness for persons with disabilities.

Aptitudes (Aptitude Testing)
natural ability at a certain task, or in a certain area; finding what you are good at.

in-depth examinations of a situation in order to determine how to proceed.

the reason something happens; the relation between cause and effect.

having to do with mental abilities, such as attention, learning, or understanding.

identification of a disease, condition, or other problem.

Disability (Complex Disability, Learning Disability, Long Term Disability)
limitation of mental or physical ability due to impairment.

interruption of a process.

Fitness for Duty (Fitness for Practice, Fitness for Work)
determining if someone can be relied upon to do what is expected at their job.

having to do with both medicine and law.

Mental Competence
ability to consciously and rationally make decisions; being of sound mind.

referring to the interaction between brain and behaviour.

prediction of the outcome of an injury, disease or illness, particularly recovery.

Psychological (Psychovocational, Psychoeducational)
referring to the mind and behaviour; in career and learning contexts.

Return to Work (Stay at Work)
determination if an injured or ill employee can to go back to work safely and stay at work.

Screening (Cognitive Screening)
method to identify possible problems that significantly affect thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Talent Development
action taken to improve employee skills so that the company succeeds.

Vocational (Work Capacity)
relating to work and an occupation; abilities and skills related to employment.


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