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We offer expert consultation, research, case reviews and training.

As a highly specialized centre for advanced assessment and a brain trust of clinical, research, and academic experts, the CORTEX Centre brings together neuropsychology, psychology, health, rehabilitation, and vocational expertise with law. We provide consultations, research, practice, program and policy advising, complex case reviews, rebuttals, and professional education, as well as forensic vocational services.

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We provide the following services:

The CORTEX Centre experts are available for consultation regarding important high stakes questions regarding diagnosis, prognosis, rehabilitation, work, career, disability, and other issues with respect to high achievers and clients with complex disability scenarios.

A wide range of consulting services are available regarding various challenging scenarios and circumstances that develop at the interface of legislation, policy, health, work ability, disability prevention, and intervention to optimize return to work and work performance.

Examples of possible consulting topics include:

  • Complex disability management and return to work scenarios
  • Work accommodations in nonvisible disability cases
  • Topics related to medicolegal, advanced, psychological and neuropsychological assessments and any related issues covered therein, including conflicting opinions
  • Enhancement of educational or work performance, leadership, and career
  • Building a psychologically healthy and innovative workplace
  • Disability prevention and early intervention
  • Occupational health, disability, rehabilitation, and employment policy

Clients who are receiving neuropsychological and psychological services at the CORTEX Centre may have complicated medical issues. Medical file reviews by occupational medicine and rehabilitation experts may be made available for such complex or unique clinical scenarios. Our experts can offer recommendations regarding further diagnostic work, treatment and prognosis.

The CORTEX Centre capitalizes on our experts’ strong academic backgrounds and advanced clinical expertise to provide rebuttals of other experts’ medicolegal opinions in psychology, neuropsychology, psychiatry, and vocational rehabilitation. Our rebuttals are prepared on both evidentially and methodologically sound grounds, by integrating cutting edge research, clinical case evidence and methodological expertise, and can assist with achieving optimal legal outcomes for clients.

With our experts’ academic affiliations and research expertise, the CORTEX Centre is capable of designing and executing various specialized and cross-disciplinary research projects that arise in the field of high stakes assessments and related areas of expertise. Such projects might involve special topics related to litigation, diagnostic complexities, methods of assessment, aspects of causality of psychological or cognitive conditions, prognosis, impact on work, and other challenging, emerging, or controversial issues upon which differing professional and scientific opinions exist.

As a brain trust of experts, the CORTEX Centre provides cross-discipline, cutting edge research, consultation and advising on practices, policy and program development in British Columbia, Canada and internationally. We bring together psychology, neuropsychology, rehabilitation, occupational medicine, and law to answer important clinical, vocational, and medicolegal questions and develop solutions.

The CORTEX Centre’s areas of clinical, research, and policy expertise include mental health, brain injury, pain, trauma, disability and chronic illness, clinical and vocational rehabilitation, medicolegal issues, occupational health and wellness, return to work, work accommodations, employment retention, and workplace disability prevention. In our areas of expertise in psychology, neuropsychology, and rehabilitation, we also advise on the development of new clinical and academic programs, especially from an international perspective.

Seminars, workshops and training sessions for employers, companies, and other institutions or organizations are available on a variety of topics, including:

  • Communication at work
  • Team building
  • Innovation in the workplace
  • Conflict resolution
  • Leadership development
  • Psychologically healthy workplace
  • Disability prevention
  • Talent development

Customized seminars, workshops, training sessions, and in-services in areas of special interest to employers or other organizations are also available upon request.

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