Larissa Mead-Wescott, Ph.D.

CREDENTIALS: Registered Psychologist, ABPP
EXPERT: Neuropsychology


Dr. Larissa Mead-Wescott is a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist with extensive assessment experience in both the U.S. and Canada. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Central Michigan University, followed by a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Western Ontario. Her post-doctoral training included a two-year residency in Clinical Neuropsychology (Adult) at the Medical College of Wisconsin and, later, a part-time residency in Pediatric Neuropsychology at Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr. Mead-Wescott became a Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology in 2001. She has been licensed to practice psychology in the State of Maine and is currently a registered psychologist in British Columbia (CPBC #1965).

Particular areas of interest and expertise for Dr. Mead-Wescott include brain injury, dementia and other neurological conditions (e.g., Multiple Sclerosis, epilepsy, and adult ADHD). She has worked in an outpatient brain injury rehabilitation facility (Maine); in an inpatient rehabilitation and nursing facility (Maine); in group neuropsychology practices in Maine and in Vancouver; in the public health system (GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, Vancouver); in a WorkSafeBC program for brain injured workers (Vancouver); and in her private practice in West Vancouver. Dr. Mead-Wescott was also a clinical faculty member in the Psychology Department at the University of Maine until moving to the Vancouver area in 2011, where she continues to enjoy guest lecturing at local universities.

Excellence in assessment has been her focus throughout her career. In addition to clinical assessments in the health care context, Dr. Mead-Wescott performs medicolegal assessments for attorneys, insurance companies and other third-party funders, and she has a strong interest in assessments related to civil competencies and fitness for duty. Recently, Dr. Mead-Wescott’s passion for brain health, combined with her interest in dementia and age-related cognitive decline, resulted in her founding the North Shore Memory Clinic. She is committed to bringing the latest research findings regarding brain health to the public, and often presents both to the public and to the local health care community on these topics.


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