Alex Jackson, M.Ed.

CREDENTIALS: Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant CCRC, MCVP
EXPERT: Vocational Rehabilitation


Alex Jackson provides vocational assessments, forensic rehabilitation reviews, as well as expert advice and consultation services on matters pertaining to disability management and complex injury rehabilitation.

He holds a Master of Education degree in counseling psychology as well as a Bachelor of Social Work Degree. By examination, he is a Certified Rehabilitation Counsellor (CCRC), Registered Rehabilitation Professional (RRP), and holds a Master’s Certificate Vocational Professional (MCVP) with the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (CVRP). He is also a member of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada (VRAC). He has conducted over 800 vocational and employability assessments for injured workers, has developed over 500 return to work plans, as well as assessed the rehabilitation and care needs of over 1000 individuals with catastrophic and complex injuries. He has provided clinical case reviews and advice (on matters such as rehabilitation treatment plans, care requirements, vocational rehabilitation, and other issues) pertaining to catastrophic and complex injuries on thousands of occasions. Alex worked at WorkSafeBC as a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant for 25 years. His assignments included the Head Injury Assessment Unit (1991-2002), Special Care Services (2002-2007), and the Return to Work Program (2007-2013) where the preponderance of his caseload involved employees with mental health issues. Since 2002, he has been retained by the Ministry of Justice, Crime Victim Assistance Program of BC to provide advice and consultation services on matters pertaining to catastrophic injuries and complex claims, as well as to provide vocational assessments and develop careplans for victims of crime who have sustained serious injuries.

Alex has published numerous articles pertaining to vocational rehabilitation matters in several publications including peer reviewed journals, as well as presented at many conferences, symposiums, and workshops. He has also been accepted as an expert witness by the Supreme Court of B.C.


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